Code of Conduct for participants of the Compliant Lighting Initiative

The Compliant Lighting Initiative aims to support the placing of compliant lighting products on the European market through effective market surveillance.

Therefore, it is expected that each supporting participant abides by a Code of Conduct which reflects this objective.

Participation to the CLI is conditional on the annual payment of a fee current at the time of joining and related to the turnover of the member company in lighting products in the European Union.

CE Marking
All equipment manufactured or supplied by members for sale on the EU market will be CE marked as required to confirm that it complies with EU law and that is ‘fit for purpose’ and safe. Participants should be able to produce technical files to support the CE marking within 10 days of being requested.

Products and Technical Standards
Each participant shall ensure that the products it offers for sale in the EU are supplied, manufactured or manufactured under licence to conform to any statutory requirements and standards as may be mandated by local law.

Product Performance
A participant shall be able to demonstrate the published features of any Product that it supplies and substantiate any benchmarks, performance characteristics, serviceability levels or other criteria to which it lays claim.

Energy & Environment
Equipment supplied by participants will be manufactured to comply with regulations and restrictions affecting the use of certain materials in its construction therefore minimising the environmental effect.

Participants shall ensure full compliance with the requirements of the WEEE Regulations with regard to responsible disposal of their products at end-of-life.

Use of the CLI logo
Participants agree to use the CLI logo in their marketing efforts (not on their products) only in accordance with the rules issued at the time of joining. Use of the logo is limited to the brands agreed at the time of joining and the participant agrees to remove all use of the logo from websites, marketing material etc. in the event that participation ceases.

Action on participants failing to adhere to the Code of Conduct
Participants found to be flagrantly ignoring this Code of Conduct or convicted of any offences relating to its content may have their participation rescinded at the discretion of the CLI administrators.

A participant which has been suspended or excluded from participation has the right to appeal against the decision.