Indoor LED luminaires regulated in European legislation from the following players in the market:

  • producers,
  • importers, or
  • other label owners.

For this program, the following definition of a luminaire is used:

‘Luminaire’ means an apparatus which distributes, filters or transforms the light transmitted from one or more light sources and which includes, except the light sources themselves, all the parts necessary for fixing and protecting the light sources, and/or control gear and/or associated devices and/or auxiliary devices.

However, in this program consumer luminaires will principally be tested on safety and the professional type on performance criteria.

If at least three (3) program participants ask for the introduction of an additional product category, the Program Steering Group will decide whether to introduce it, on condition that the program participants concerned will provide LightingEurope with all reasonably required support.

The program will focus on product compliance issues.