The mission of LightingEurope is to represent and defend the interests of its Members to create optimum market conditions and equal level playing fields and to secure that Europe remains leading in lighting.

Improving surveillance is necessary

-Market Assessment:

  • A significant number of products are entering the EU market which do not conform to applicable legislation and technical/administrative requirements
  • Risk to consumer health and safety
  • Unfair competition
  • Damaging the achievement of European environmental targets

- Market Surveillance in the EU is the responsibility of individual Member States – restricted by budget and resources

- Market Surveillance activities by Member States Authorities is not sufficient to enforce legislation, which favours non-compliant companies and damages those that incur the inevitable cost of compliance.

LightingEurope supports surveillance and enforcement by

  • Setting up the Compliant Lighting Initiative
  • Participation to the EEPLIANT/Joint Actions of ProSafe